RS-MAPPING (Remote sensing and cartography for environment preservation) intends to become an organization of experts that finds solutions to environmental problems, climate change and new technologies to ensure sustainable development.

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Ecologist training engineer, my works focuse mainly on remote sensing and GIS applied to ecology and natural resource management. I worked a lot on desertification, its causes and its present and future impacts. As a consultant in ecology and environment, I guarantee excellent results. I am motivated by my commitment to excellence and strive to ensure that partners are fully satisfied with our work.





In accordance with Article L111-1 of the IPC (Code of Intellectual Property) The authors of the documents published on RS-MAPPING enjoy on its documents, by the mere fact of its creation, an exclusive property right and opposable to all . Thus, in any case, a document can not be published or modified without the prior agreement of the author.

RS-MAPPING also refrains from any commercialization of the data without the prior consent of the author.

RS-MAPPING is not exclusive, in other words, all publications made here can be made by the author on another platform. The important thing is to disseminate information and not to monopolize it.


RS-MAPPING intends to guarantee an adequate level of protection to the data available on the site, in particular personal data. Through this privacy statement, RS-MAPPING would like to strategically define how the data is protected, the responsibilities assigned to it in this respect and the priorities that RS-MAPPING has set for data protection.
RS-MAPPING thus protects the data against:

  • Data loss ;

  • Leaks: the data falls into the wrong hands ;

  • Unlawful access: seen by people who are not allowed to do so; only members can access profiles of other members ;

  • Treatments that do not comply with legislation, guidelines and standards.

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